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Why London Academy?


Why London Academy? London Academy doesn’t simply provide training in UK. We have a high quality team of professional trainers and consultants who will advise on setting up UK qualifications overseas and enabling institutions to develop their curriculum content and methods, their organisation, and their sales and marketing strategies.
Due to the diverse nature of the courses offered by London Academy, our clients come from a wide range of sources. These include - among many others – corporations, private companies, embassies, government offices, enterprise councils, hotels, schools, colleges, universities as well as private clients. Each client is regarded as an individual with specific needs and aspirations.

Courses organised by London Academy can be conducted on an individual basis or in small or large groups, and to a large extent are 'tailor-made' to the requirements of the individual or group. All our trainers are professionally and academically qualified and have intensive experience in designing and running professional, academic, intensive courses in UK and abroad for a wide range of clients. This accumulation of experience is available for all new projects.